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Household Product Registration Service – Head of Corporate Law Department, invited as keynote speaker. And held on the second day of the seminar on April 6, 2016, at the Jakarta International Expo. He raised the theme of the presentation “Doing Business in Indonesia: unlocking the Opportunities in This Region”. He emphasized that Indonesia is seen as a large potential market for health services and Household Product Registration because of its favorable demographics.

The decision to enter the Indonesian market is very important. Indonesia is a big country, we have more than 250 million people. We are the largest market in Southeast Asia. However, the bureaucracy in Indonesia is quite complicated. Especially for new companies because they have to know the regulations.

With her experience in this field, especially in product registration services in Indonesia, Nurmia Agustina, who also serves as Principal Consultant at, explained some information about how to do business in Indonesia. It mainly focuses on the side of health ingredients, supplements, nutraceuticals and so on.

“As the main consultant at, I have had the opportunity to be involved in various projects. This includes connecting with the health industry, medicinal devices, pharmaceuticals, food supplements and cosmetics,” he said.

He also informed the audience that registering health products is an important step, especially for foreign companies to develop their products. Registration of medical devices in Indonesia is one of the most stringent regulations in Indonesia. Indonesian medical manufacturers and medical distributors must apply for a medical product license before the device can be imported, sold and used in Indonesia.

Household Product Registration Service Izinpkrt.Com

  • Porcelain Cleaning Liquid Clearance.
  • Shoe Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Dishwashing Liquid Permit.
  • Stain Removal Liquid Permit.
  • Cotton Bud Permit.
  • Clearance Detergent In Liquid Form.
  • Detergent Permit in Powder Form.
  • Disinfectant Permit.
  • Pacifier Permit.
  • Washing Enzyme Permit.
  • Tissue Facial Permit.
  • Beauty Cotton Permit .

What Are Product Registrations In Indonesia?

In Indonesia, all health products as well as food products must meet all safety requirements to enter the market. Product registration in Indonesia is under the control of the Ministry of Health and the independent Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). For medical devices and household products, they will directly register with the Ministry of Health to get a distribution permit.

Meanwhile, cosmetics, food supplements, food and beverages, traditional medicines and medicines are registered with the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency. For imported food, it is mandatory to apply for an ML registration number from BPOM.

And the regular registration process takes between 2 to 3 months depending on the product. And for drug registration in Indonesia, it is strictly regulated, it can take 1-3 years of registration. The Indonesian government considers locally made drugs more than imported drugs. There will be three alternative ways of registering imported products in Indonesia, product registration under your legal entity in Indonesia, under designated local distributors, and under appropriate third parties.

The South East Health materials exhibition alone was able to bring in 1,000+ visitors from major health markets. This along with more than 5,500 exhibitors and 260 exhibitors at the co-located CPhI event. Support from government agencies for the exhibition was also seen by the presence of representatives of the Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) during the event.

Household Product Registration With

To sell a new product in Indonesia, it is necessary to go through a testing process to find out whether the product is safe for consumers. Registering products in Indonesia according to regulations is an obligation in order to be able to distribute them legally and gain market trust. the following is the registration of household products with

Company Establishment

In Indonesia, the law prohibits foreign legal entities from registering imported products or distributing them in Indonesian territory. Therefore, businesses from abroad must incorporate Indonesian legal entities to be able to register their products. offers a special purpose agreement service with the SPV that has been appointed by you. Contact us to discuss what kind of market entry strategy is suitable for your business needs. In addition, investors can purchase a finished company and start business operations within one week of signing the contract.

Product License Holder Service

Investors, who do not plan to establish a company in Indonesia, can use the product license holder service. In this case, your household products will be registered under without any limit on the number of distributors you want to cooperate with.

Home Products Registration

Household products in Indonesia are divided into three classes based on risk evaluation, and the registration process for each class is different from class III products, which must submit laboratory test results. However, even registered products cannot be distributed in the Indonesian market unless they obtain an HHP Distribution Permit.

Bureaucratic documents relating to the registration of household products in Indonesia are very time-consuming, and in-depth knowledge of the process is required. will represent you in submitting the documents so you don’t have to worry about delays or rejection of your application.

Household Product Registration Extension

The validity period of household product registration is limited and can be renewed before expiry. It is recommended that you contact ahead of time and discuss your further plans and strategies regarding product certification.

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