Get To Know More About Household Registration Indonesia

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Get To Know More About Household Registration – Home business actors, or can be classified as MSMEs are one of the units that support economic activities in Indonesian society. MSMEs can save on the cost of renting a place to be able to build a business because they can do all business processes from home.

Thus, certain requirements must be met for this home industry, especially in the food and beverage sector, which must pay special attention to the Certificate of Registration of Household Products. This Household Product Registration Permit is important to ensure that the products sold by the cottage industry meet the applicable food standards. So what exactly is Household Registration Indonesia? Check out more explanations below yes!

What Is Home Products Registration?

Household Product Registration is a license in the form of a code in food or beverage product packaging which has been regulated in the Regulation of the Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency Number 22 of 2018. This permit is a guarantee given by the Regulatory Authority or the mayor that the IRT production produced meets the requirements and standards of certain safety requirements for the manufacture and distribution of food products.

The written guarantee of this permit is contained in the Certificate of Registration of Household Products issued by the regent or mayor in the context of the production and distribution of food products. The Registration of Household Products is valid for a maximum of 5 years from the date of issuance and can be extended through an application for an extension of the Registration of Household Products.

What Is An Indonesian Household Registration Deed?

An Indonesian household registration deed is a deed made and issued by the Population Service which proves definitively about a person’s Indonesian household registration deed after marriage according to his religion and belief.

Following Law no. 24 of 2013 concerning Amendments to Law No. 23 of 2006 the registration of Indonesian households which was previously based on the principle of events, since the enactment of this law has changed to based on domicile.

So that the recording is carried out at the implementing agency following the domicile of the reporting party. If the marriage occurs under the age of 21 years, then the marriage must obtain permission from the parents. If the marriage occurs under the age of 19, it must obtain a dispensation from the Court.

Based on Law no. 24 of 2013 concerning Amendments to Law no. 23 of 2006 concerning Population Administration that the registration of births must be reported by residents at the implementing agency where the incident occurred is changed to mandatory reporting by residents at the implementing agency where the resident is domiciled.

What Is Household Registration?

The household recording is recording reports on the number of purchases, expenses, and income of housewives, both income, purchases, and expenses per day and per month. This activity is focused on housewives so that housewives can understand how to manage household finances. The purpose of this activity is to provide understanding and knowledge to housewives on how to record cash out, cash in, income, and balances on a monthly or daily basis so that housewives can manage their finances well.

The purpose of household records is so that housewives can find out how much expenses, income, and balances are per month and per day and can manage their finances well. The target to be achieved from this program is to increase the interest of housewives to make household records.

What Is Indonesian Registration?

Indonesian registration is the process, method, and act of registering, such as recording names, addresses, etc., etc. From this definition, it can be concluded that registration is a method or action taken to facilitate and simplify the process of recording data such as names, addresses, and ID numbers.

Understanding Monitoring is a process of collecting data, and analyzing information from the implementation of a program, including checking regularly to see whether the activity or program is going according to plan so that problems created or encountered can be overcome. Monitoring can be interpreted as an activity, to follow the development of a program that is carried out steadily and regularly, and continuously.

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