Based on the Regulation of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency Number 22 of 2018, concerning Guidelines for Granting Certificates for Home Industry Food Production, household registration permits in Indonesia are granted by the Regent or Mayor as written guarantees for food produced by IRTPs in their working areas. The certificate is given for a product that has met the requirements for household registration in Indonesia in the context of distributing food produced by IRT.

PERMATAMAS is a company engaged in Management and Business Consultants, Business Legal Management Services since 2011. Armed with experience in the field of medical devices and household registration and supported by professionals who have knowledge, expertise, and are licensed advocates, Permatamas is ready to provide convenience in managing the legality of micro, small, medium and large businesses in various industrial sectors, trade, services, distribution of both products.

local and imported from the start of the company’s establishment to production and operations. Permatamas is ready to provide free consultations to prospective clients, if there are difficulties in

A house can be said to be livable if it is filled with adequate household needs. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, but a dream residence must answer the needs of residents and their families. The key is not far from preparing products or household goods that are mandatory.

For those of you who just have your own home or have just started a family, you may still be confused about what household products are needed at home. Well, to help you and make your residence complete and comfortable, here we have summarized the types of Household Product Registration managed by, of course, you need to have.

Household Products Registration

The following are some Household Products Registration managed by,

  • Antiseptic Clearance.
  • Antiseptic and Disinfectant Clearance.
  • Milk Bottle Permit.
  • Scrub Powder and Paste Clearance.
  • Glass Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Carpet Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Toilet Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Other Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Floor Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Furniture Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Car Cleaning Liquid Permit.
  • Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Liquid License.

Home Products Registration Service In Indonesia: Why You Should Have One

Imported household products, whether in the form of equipment, materials, or mixtures for the maintenance and care of human, pet, or home health must be carried out and go through a certification process carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia before entering the market. traditional market.

The Ministry of Health will launch the products during the certification process and classify them based on the level of risk. However, the listed product cannot die in the Indonesian market unless it has been granted a Household Products Distribution Permit. can easily help you with household product registration services in Indonesia through every process.

Household Products Registration Requirements In Indonesia

To get your household products legally registered and certified, the applicant must provide several detailed documents. This includes a Letter of Authorization (LoA), Certificate of Free Sales (CFS), ISO 9001 Certificate, etc.

Importers or distributors must also pay attention to product labeling requirements. Document bureaucracy related to household product registration which requires in-depth knowledge of the process. will send documents on behalf of your company to avoid delays and applications.

Why Choose For Home Products Registration In Indonesia?

Seamless Product Registration

With our in-depth knowledge of local regulations, we can ensure a smooth registration process for your household products.

We Always Have The Solution

We also always listen to our clients and offer solutions that suit their business needs. With or without a company, we can register your household products.

One-Stop Service

In addition to household product registration services, our consultants can get your product Halal certification.

Save Time And Cost reviews documents for product registration to prevent applications from being rejected.

Household Products Registration With

To sell a new product in Indonesia, it is necessary to go through a testing process to find out whether the product is safe for consumers. Registering products in Indonesia according to regulations is an obligation in order to be able to distribute them legally and gain market trust. the following is the registration of household products with

Company Establishment

In Indonesia, the law prohibits foreign legal entities from registering imported products or distributing them in Indonesian territory. Therefore, businesses from abroad must incorporate Indonesian legal entities to be able to register their products. offers a special purpose agreement service with the SPV that has been appointed by you. Contact us to discuss what kind of market entry strategy is suitable for your business needs. In addition, investors can purchase a finished company and start business operations within one week of signing the contract.

Product License Holder Service

Investors, who do not plan to establish a company in Indonesia, can use the product license holder service. In this case, your household products will be registered under without any limit on the number of distributors you want to cooperate with.

Home Products Registration

Household products in Indonesia are divided into three classes based on risk evaluation, and the registration process for each class is different from class III products, which must submit laboratory test results. However, even registered products cannot be distributed in the Indonesian market unless they obtain an HHP Distribution Permit.

Bureaucratic documents relating to the registration of household products in Indonesia are very time-consuming, and in-depth knowledge of the process is required. will represent you in submitting the documents so you don’t have to worry about delays or rejection of your application.

Household Product Registration Extension

The validity period of household product registration is limited and can be renewed before expiry. It is recommended that you contact ahead of time and discuss your further plans and strategies regarding product certification.