Registration Of Imported Household Products In Indonesia

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Registration Of Imported Household Products In Indonesia – Registration of imported Household Products In Indonesia is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1190 / Menkes / Per / VIII / 2010 Regulations concerning Medical Devices and Marketing Household Product Licenses. Under this regulation, household products (HHP) include equipment, materials, or mixtures of materials for the maintenance and care of human health, pet flea control, and household and premises.

Understanding The Risk Level Of Imported Household Product Registration In Indonesia

Household products in Indonesia are classified into 3 classes based on the level of risk as follows:

Class I Low Risk

This class includes household products that do not cause serious effects such as irritation, corrosive and carcinogenic. household products under class I eg cotton and tissue. The evaluation process will take approximately 45 working days excluding the period to determine the class.

Class II Moderate Risk

Including household products that are irritating, and corrosive but do not cause serious effects such as carcinogenic. Before distribution, the product must be registered with the laboratory test results attached and it will take about 80 working days. Products categorized under class II such as detergents and alcohol.

Class III High Risk

This class includes household products that contain pesticides such as mosquitoes and can cause serious effects such as carcinogenic. Along with registration, the applicant must be covered by laboratory test results and must have obtained confirmation from the Pesticide Commission under the Ministry of Agriculture. Registration will take approximately 100 working days.

However, to be able to register HHP in other means to obtain a marketing license (Permission for distribution), first, the appointed producer or distributor must have a PKRTHP distributor permit. A marketing license is a license for companies that will become importers and distributors for this HHP in the territory of Indonesia based on evaluations of quality, safety, and efficacy from the evaluation team and a team of experts.

To Have A Marketing License, The Company Must Meet The Following Criteria:

  • The safety and efficacy of HHP are proven by using nonprohibited ingredients and not exceeding the content limits determined by regulations and clinical data or other data required.
  • Quality, based on the company’s good manufacturing practices and using materials of appropriate specifications, and meeting the specified requirements indicated by the production certificate.

Who Is Allowed To Get A Marketing License?

HHP importers who already have an appointment from a company or business representative who has the power as a sole agent by showing the type of product from the agent and recognized by a local representative from Indonesia with a minimum appointment period of 2 years.

Console agent but has the power of attorney to register HHP from an HHP production company or a responsible company abroad. Companies that have production certificates to carry out the reassembly or packaging of imported products

How To Get A Marketing License (Marketing Permit)?

The process of obtaining a marketing permit will be divided into 2 steps: Steps to determine the class of household products; This step consists of a class verification process and payment for non-tax state revenue (PNBP) which will take about 17 working days.

Evaluation process; consists of evaluating and verifying safety, efficacy, and quality requirements. After going through the evaluation process, there may be 3 results such as marketing license approval, notification for required additional data, or rejection letter.

What Are The Most Searched Imported Goods In Indonesia?

Plastic Products

Plastic items are items that have become part of household life, from plates, glasses, and buckets to storage boxes. Moreover, the domestic industry’s demand for plastic materials is high enough to increase the value of imports. Therefore, it is not surprising that the import of commodities/products made from plastic is so large.

Machinery And Mechanical Equipment

Machinery and mechanical equipment are the most valuable imported goods or products in recent years. As is well known, mechanical machines and mechanical equipments are goods or products with very high unit prices. So do not be surprised if the value of imports is so high. goods or products are machines for industrial companies such as printing machines, cutting tools, and chemical processing machines.

Electronic Equipment

The third is electrical equipment. Electronic devices continue to be loved and widely used in our homes. Especially after the COVID-19 storm, electronic goods, especially smartphones and computers, have become prima donna because they are needed in the current situation, and the presence of e-commerce has made it easier to sell these goods or products.

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